Introducing Me

I’m, good at wasting time, I think lyrics need to rhyme and you’re not asking, but I’m tryna grow a

Blog. I’m trying to grow a blog & the first thing I do is sing a camp rock song, go me!
In all seriousness, I wanted this post to be a little introduction into the world of Emma & the sort of ramblings you can expect to see here, or over on my other social platforms should you choose to follow them, and me breaking into song isn’t a rarity.

So, my names Emma, I’m 20 years old & live in the UK with my partner, my two dogs, Luna the greyhound & Buzz the Pomeranian, and my two ratties Jaq & Gus (If you know where their names are from we should be friends)
L-R: Jaq, Gus & Perla. (Perla has been rehomed because she was mis-sold with the boys) 

We all live in a teeny little flat, but its big enough for us to live. I own my own dog grooming parlour which is literally a 2 minute walk away which is why this flat was so appealing. As much as I love dog grooming, Sometimes it can be irritating or people don’t show up for their appointments which leaves me with hours of nothing to do, which is why restarting my blog seems so appealing to me right now, It gives me somewhere to escape in writing & I can be productive at the same time.
Pooch No'1: Luna our 5 Year Old Retired Grey, adopted October 2016
Pooch No'2: Buzz our rescue pom, Adopted March 2017
The name “Emma & Out” comes from a younger me thinking it sounded a bit like “Over & Out”, & me being super space loving thought that was awesome, although now I’m not so sure, but it’s there now and I’ll stick with it, until I get another ridiculous brainwave.

On this blog you’ll probably be seeing mainly Beauty, Travel & Lifestyle, with a few Fashion, Foodie & Fandom posts thrown in every now & again for good measure. I love all things bright & colourful, & animals from Unicorns to Pandas. I have a seriously unhealthy addiction for all things Disney & will probably burst into song at least once a day. I try to make a black & white life as colourful as possible & that’s what I hope to bring to this blog!

Thank you for reading this little introduction, I know its probably the most interesting read you’ve ever read but I needed to kick start my blogging brain!!

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