The Skincare Routine That Saved My Skin

Over the years I've spent an astounding amounts of money on beauty prroducts in hope they will cure my dry, flakey skin, and to no avail... until now.
A couple of months ago a lady approached my shop showing me some products that she sells & how we can use them when grooming dogs. At first, for someone with little money, I was hugely put off by the price, But I did love the products she gave me to try for a week.
After a while, I decided to take the risk & make myself a purchase of products, for me & my dogs. & I don't regret a single purchase.
These three products however, completely won me over & amazed me

I now actually have a skincare routine that I stick to and its made my skin so much more smooth, and it actually looks like it glows!.

I start off using my face scrub. This scrub is full of goodness & has both the power of Aloe Vera & Jojoba beads. The Aloe is a great for dry skin & its a great healing agent too so its fine to use on broken skin. The jojoba beads are small, microscopic beads of goodness that scrub away any dead skin cells but are light enough to not cause any micro damage to your skin! Also they're completely biodegradable, so good for our oceans too! Its also a pretty blue colour, not that the colour has anything to do with it... just looks nice!
all you have to do is rub a little bit on a wet face & tadaaaa!

Next up is this almighty product. I honestly think this is what brings it altogether. The mask is described as a deep cleansing mask and it really is - as well as super hydrating! A little bit of this goes a long long way too - I was put off because of the price at first, but from my first use I realised it was SO worth it. I've owned it for just over a month & have been doing one every week, and I'm not even halfway through, so the amount you get for your money as well as the quality is incredible!
I've tried so many face masks before, from those 99p peel off masks, to whatever "Hydrating" mask I saw on superdrugs shelves, even one from LUSH. But not a single one compares to the feeling I got after using this one.
Its a super thick in consistency & a little goes a long way (I wasn't going to waste the bit on my arm for the top photo - and that covered my nose, under my eyes & just above my eyebrows)  The colour matches my skin tone perfectly too - obviously it probably won't match everyones, but I love that I can take a selfie & nobody will ever know I have it on....

Last but not least - the staple in anyone with dry skins beauty regime - Moisturising Lotion. *Makes angelic noises*
So once I've washed the face mask off, I'll apply a layer of this moisturising lotion over my face - but again, less is more with this! I start with a pea sized amount & work my way around my face, because I used to just squeeze how much I normally would with anything else but I ended up with a white face & just had to wait for it to soak in! 
The other perk of this fabulous product? Its a fantastic foundation base! Every morning I just use the scrub & this before applying my foundation & my skin looks all dewy & glowy! Plus it stays put for the whole day - no matter how much I sweat or rub!

Fancy trying them out yourself? Find them here;

I hope anyone out there with struggles like mine finds these products help them as much as mine did!

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